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Hi, we're Tensei and Meroaw!

Besties since 2010

We've been creating art together since we met over a decade ago. In 2018 we exhibited at our first comics festival together, then an anime convention, and we haven't looked back since.

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31 Conventions and Counting

You might remember us as Dragon Laska! We rebranded as Tensei x Meroaw halfway through 2023 to put more attention on ourselves as artists, and not just on one of our collaborative projects. Our Pokemon charms, D&D patches, Pride Kitty pins and Project Voltage sticker sheets are just some of our joint endeavours.

Between us we create a lot of our merchandise ourselves. Meroaw handles stickers and sticker sheets, while Tensei has embroidered patches and bags covered. We both print our own prints and are always looking for more we can make from home.

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Known for their incredible illustrations, Meroaw's focus is drawing dragons, cats, cat dragons and all kids of critters! They're known for their vibrant dragon characters and have a huge name in the Wings of Fire and Warrior Cats fandoms as a character artist and merchandise designer.
Their Warrior Cats linked charms are always a hit at conventions, with young readers and nostalgic fans alike.

Batwing Tensei

Usually known as "the only person selling Love Live! merch here", Tensei's focus is drawing anime idols, monster girls and all characters in-between! They're known for their 39 Miku's series and their N'Yarn Cat lapel pins. As the resident seamstress they draft and sew unique apparel that's designed to last.
Their Love Live! merchandise always strikes a chord with fans new and old.