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Gaia pets a spheal while looking over their shoulder with a worried expression, as Tensei approaches in the background ready to fight.


Batwing Tensei and Meroaw are high-school besties who make art and exhibit at conventions together!

We've been working creatively together since our school days, starting with Dragon Laska and expanding to collaborative merchandise, exhibits, streams and more. We run a joint Patreon account, and now run this store together!
See their joint portfolio here. (Still in progress!)

Tensei is a humanoid-focused artist with a passion for character design. They handle making a lot of the textile-based goods available on this store, including embroidered patches and bags. They're responsible for all the Hatsune Miku and Love Live! merch, too!

See their personal site here.

Meroaw focuses more on illustrating animals and has a keen eye for bold shapes and colours. They make a lot of the stickers, sticker sheets and prints available on this store, including the laminated holo selections. They're also responsible for all the Warrior Cats and Wings of Fire merch!

See their personal site here.

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